Pro RH politicians have been scoffing at the idea that the Catholic Church can have a vote and therefore have immense influence on the outcome of the next elections in 2013. RH Bill author Edcel Lagman says that “the so-called “Catholic vote” is actually for the passage of the bill, citing the October 16, 2008 survey of the Social Weather Stations, which showed that 71% of Catholics are for the bill.

It is beyond us why Congressman Lagman uses a 4-year old survey that was terribly skewed for the RH cause, but knowing that this is not the first time they used outdated statistics (11 mothers dying a die is one such example) we are not really surprised.

At the end of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said that “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” The historical accuracy of this quote may be in question, but this is as accurate as it gets in the case of Catholics who by now have been pushed back to the wall by the insolence of the congressmen and senators pushing the RH bill.

The so-called substitute RH Bill has passed in congress and senate is working on amendments as of late. These crucial times have forced the hands of our pastors the bishops to show the ace up their sleeve: the Catholic Vote.  

The Catholic Vote is necessary because we Catholics have been pushed back and pushed around enough.The government asks us to accept the RH bill, which is to accept something that is against our very faith. This is unacceptable. In the process they use lies and deception in order to make the RH bill more acceptable and palatable. Those who do not know how deep the rabbit hole goes are swept away by rhetoric and empty words promising “women’s rights to contraception” and “quality of life”, even twisting the truth so far as to say that theywho promote RH are the real pro-lifers. Everything they have done so far is an insult to the intelligence of those who know the truth: 12 senators not knowing when life begins (whereas any high school student can answer this), RH proponents calling cancerous contraceptives pro-women, Senator Sotto showing a video where an RH advocate admitting that being pro-woman means having access to abortionists, then the RH camp hitting back with plagiarism charges.

The RH campaign is an assault to reason and threatens to sweep aside our culture and values in the name of women’s healthcare. Catholics who love their faith must now stand up and protect these values by going all out for a Catholic Vote.

Just a few months ago, Pro Life Philippines conducted a signature campaign against the RH bill. The campaign reached schools, parishes, offices, communities, and organizations, and the signatures both local and from abroad totaled in the hundreds of thousands. Surprisingly, in Cong. Lagman’s Sorsogon, there were more than 4 thousand signatures. The signature campaign was held from the nearby cities in Manila to the cities in Visayas and Mindanao as well as the provinces and other countries outside of Asia. There was a rather limited time to gather all the signatures, and we believe that had there been more time, more people would have signed up.

The signature campaign against the RH Bill is still ongoing and we encourage all to keep gathering signatures from your communities, organizations, parishes, schools and offices. As of this time, we were able to gathered 300,000 plus signatures opposing the RH Bill.

Details about the Signature Campaign can be found in this link: