Frank Padilla
Date: Mon, Dec 24, 2012 at 1:57 PM
Subject: the fight has just started – 10
To: Pro-Life E-group

King Herod had diabolical intentions. He planned to kill the newborn king of the Jews. To accomplish that he resorted to deception and subterfuge. He called the magi and told them to go to Bethlehem to search for the child, and when they had found him, to tell him so that he could go and do him homage (Mt 2:8). Now Herod was not just lying. He was turning the truth on its head. He was speaking nice positive words but intending evil. He said he would give the child homage when what he really intended to do was to murder him.

The modern-day King Herods have followed on that tradition, having learned their diabolical lessons well. A foremost disciple is Congressman Edcel Lagman, the principal author of the RH bill.

Lagman: “The enactment of the RH law is the best essential gift President Aquino and Congress have given to Filipinos this Christmas and many more Christmases to come.”

Mr Lagman, the RH bill/law is the worst you can give to Filipinos. It will promote immorality, weaken marriages, assault religious freedom, and eventually bring abortion. Since you consider it a Christmas gift, then it must be coming from your patron Satan.

Lagman: “there are currently 14 to 15 mothers who die daily due to complications arising from pregnancy and childbirth.”

Talk about plucking figures from out of thin air. This is a tried and tested subterfuge of the pro-RH forces, to inflate figures to support their contentions. But granted that some mothers do die due to such complications, do we blame pregnancy and childbirth? Should we not look instead to the quality of maternal and hospital care?

Lagman: “The harrowing experience of women who suffer forced abortion …. will be diminished by as much as 85% ….”

Mr plucker-from-the-air Lagman is on a roll. In fact, the experience of the western world is that due to the wide use of contraceptives, there will be more unwanted pregnancies and thus ultimately more abortions.

Lagman: “they are given access to legal, medically-safe and effective voluntary contraception.”

Mr deception Lagman is right only on one aspect, that contraception is LEGAL (once the RH bill is signed into law). It is not MEDICALLY SAFE, with abortifacient contraceptives killing the unborn child, with IUDs perforating uteri, with pills and implants causing cancer and other serious ailments to women. Contraceptives are not that EFFECTIVE, compared to natural methods, with condoms having a 15% failure rate in preventing pregnancy, STDs and HIV/AIDS. That is like playing Russian roulette with a six-shot revolver! Contraception is not always VOLUNTARY, as women, especially the poor, are deceived, coerced, bribed, forced and even unknowingly treated.

Lagman: “the poor would have access to free family planning methods and contraception by choice so they could have fewer children and ease their poverty.”

Master deceiver Lagman links having more children to poverty. This is farthest from the truth. God tells us to be fertile and multiply. The Bible tells us that children are “like young olive plants around your table.” (Ps 128:3b). Children are the wealth of families and of nations. Children are what can actually bring a poor family out of poverty, as they start to contribute to the family well-being. Wala na ngang pag-aari ang mga maralita, aalisan pa ng anak!

Lagman: “Mass poverty is inextricably linked to high fertility rates, which result in high population growth rates and the stunting of human development.”

Mr standard-out-of-the-culture-of-death-textbook Lagman links population to poverty. False, false, false! Population is economic power. Low fertility rates bring demographic suicide. There is a stunting of human development not because of population but because of corruption. You and your pork-barrel-threatening President know all about corruption, given your baluktot na daang matuwid.

Lagman: “The enactment of the RH bill …. is truly symbolic because millennia ago, Jesus Christ was born in a manger to save the world.”

Just like your predecessor King Herod, you speak with forked tongue. Ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas. Here is your gift — death in a nicely-wrapped package. You insult the Christ-child as you insult the Filipino nation. You bring darkness in a situation where the glory of the Lord is shining.

Satan is the father of lies. Whose child are you, Congressman Lagman?

Despite the murderous intent of King Herod, the Savior was born. He came for you too, Mr Lagman. May the Lord’s light and truth shine upon you.

God bless the Philippines!


For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Phil 1:21)