Is there a God? Who is he? Is he Jesus? Did He really exist? Is the Bible a reliable evidence for Jesus? If he’s real, what did he do on earth?

These are some of the questions that might challenge some of the faithful. These are the questions if left unanswered might lead someone be weak in faith; answered, strong. And this series of questions begins with the existence of God.

Something cannot happen by mere chance. If there is a painting, someone painted it. If there is a letter, someone wrote it, if there is a creation, someone created it—the Creator.

A building is designed by an engineer so that parts of it would be on the right places. The parts of the car cannot be placed just anywhere else. That is why designers study how to arrange and assemble them. Same way with our body, our planet, our universe, they are so perfectly arranged that it’s impossible no one designed it.

Anything will not happen without a reason. If a ball rolled, something caused it to roll. If a house burned, something caused it to burn. If a bag is heavy, something is causing it to be heavy. Likewise, if the universe exists, something, someone, causes it exist—God.

How do we know that something is hot or cold? It is because we have basis like ice or fire. How do we know then that something is good or bad? There has to be a basis for that. And it has—the Perfect One. And this Perfect One seems to speak to us through what we call conscience. How come that we feel that we are obliged to do good? Because we hear the inner voice of God, the conscience.

There could be more ways in showing that God exist, history, the miracles, the human brain, and so on, but there is a stumbling block, if God exist, how come, then, that bad things happen to good people?

God is all-wise. Given that, we have to learn to trust Him. There is no definitive answer to this question but when such things happen, at least we must know that either God is preventing a greater evil or He knew that we would somehow benefit from it in ways we may not understand.

This essay is just some sort of a starting point. Succeeding related essays (that answers the questions posted in the first paragraph) will be posted as soon as I have written them. For now, this would be all.


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