Why Did I Use Greek During My Debate with Mr. Rene Panoncillo?

During my debate, many members of the Iglesia ni Cristo protested because I cross examined their minister about grammar and Greek syntax.

1. Our agreement was to use the Hiligaynon dialect but there was no arrangement that we were not allowed to use Greek or references to other languages.

2. I have a high esteem for the ministers of the Iglesia ni Cristo since Joe Ventilacion said INC ministers are knowledgeable of biblical languages. That is why I used Greek and Hebrew to be at par with their level since I thought they were intelligent.

3. In their debates and programs, you can see they used biblical languages to argue with their opponents. If they protest my use of Greek, what do you call that? If they debate with others, they are free to choose whether to use their knowledge of biblical languages?

4. The New Testament was translated from Greek. We know that many English translations were not translated correctly from Greek. No knowledgeable bible scholar will point to a perfect English, Tagalog or Hiligaynon bible so we refer to the original.

5. If we don’t need Greek, why did Joe Ventilacion of INC study Biblical Languages at Harvard University?