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It was reported that Pope Francis performed wedding ceremony for two flight attendants (Paula Ruiz and Carlos Elorriga) on board a plane travelling between cities in Chile.

Is that marriage ceremony performed a valid?


The answer is YES and here are the answers:

During the said ceremony, the following requisites for a valid marriage were observed:

1.Consent- Pope Francis asked their consent to be married and they said yes

2.Willingness- The said couple were willing to be married in the Church in 2010 but was postponed due to earthquake occured in Chile. However, they didn’t lose hope and accepeted the offer of Pope Francis in order not to delay the marriage.

3. Age- Both of them are mature already. Paula Ruiz is 39 years old while Carlos Elorriga is 41 years old.

4.Witness- The airline’s CEO served as witness on that moment.

5. Awareness- Both of them are aware on the essence of Sacrament of Matrimony and that is the reason why they have an intention to be marry

6.Blessing- Pope Francis blessed them as well their rings used. Note that this couple were civil married before the Pope met them.

7. Document- There was a document drafted by a cardinal (handwritten) and the said document were signed by Pope Francis, the couple and the witness.

It is understood that there was no Holy Mass and other prescribed riruals that moment because it was an unexpected moment in an airplane and Pope Francis made it knowing that the said couple eager to be married in the Church but wasn’t realized in 2010 due to earthquake in Chile and their Church building was destroyed. The Pope wants to promote the sanctity and importance on Sacrament of Matrimony, not to delay marriage, and to avoid cohabitation as well especially to that moment. With this, both the couple and Pope Francis don’t want to waste time so the said ceremony happened.

The said move of Pope Francis is part of his authority vested upon him as Pope of the Universal Church (Mt 16:18). Let us bear in mind that the celebration on the Sacrament of Matrimony and Holy Eucharist are different in its nature but the reason why the marriage ceremony takes place in the Holy Mass is in order to encourage the couple to receive the blessing of their marriage and receive the Holy Eucharist as well.

The act of Pope Francis is an extraordinary case due to its necessity but the norms in an ordinary situation that the celebration of marriage must be done in the Church and observed the prescribed rules mandated by the Code of Canon Law.

Note that Pope Francis’ move on the said scenario is still in accordance with the Church’s traditional teaching because it emphasized the essence and importance on the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Based on the said scenario, only the flow on the celebration were changed due to its necessity but its requisites, nature and essence of the sacrament remains the same.

Below is the link and picture which shows that the said marriage in an airflight is valid and documented