It came as a shock to me to be informed of the brutal death of REV. FR. RICHMOND NILO of the Diocese of Cabanatuan. A beloved pastor of God’s flock and undaunted defender of the Church, Fr. Nilo agreed to debate Iglesia ni Cristo minister Ramil Parba this August. While we in the Catholic Faith Defenders were excited about the impending debate and offered to Fr. Nilo all our prayers and support, we are sad that the debate won’t push through anymore. We are sadder that we lost a good and dedicated servant of God, ironically during this year dedicated to them. We are saddest that violence and impunity now seem to be a culture and daily occurrence in our country. WE CONDEMN IN THE STRONGEST POSSIBLE TERM this cold-blooded murder of a servant of God. His blood cries to high heavens for vengeance. As he prepared to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass yesterday, it was the sacrifice of his own life that he offered in that liturgy of martyrdom. We call on the authorities to bring about justice for the death of Fr. Nilo. May his death be not an addition to the growing statistics of unsolved crimes in our country today. We mourn for Fr. Nilo’s passing. We pray for his eternal rest. We will continue to fight the good fight he started. We will remember his legacy. We will demand justice. We will not forget his sacrifice. The blood of the martyrs is the seed of Christianity.