Fr. Abe Arganiosa on the existence of God using the arguments of the great St. Thomas Aquinas in a radio program in of Ms. Angelique Lazo Mayuga called Barangay Simbayanan.

The interview was done in tagalog last July 11, 2018. In this interview, Fr. Abe, theologically, explicitly and categorically, explained the existence of God yet in the manner that even a grade school pupil will be able to understand. This is a very good explanation both for Catholics and non-Catholics (you should thank Fr. Abe for doing you a favor) and even to the non believers so you will be able to know the truth that will definitely set us all free (John 8:32).

Very good Fr. Abe! The fact na naexplain mo sa simpleng tagalog ay nakakahanga na.

Pro Deo et Ecclesia! 👍

I love how your make the explanation simple yet very faithful to the argument of St Thomas. Thank you po Fr. 👍👍. I learned a lot.