The love of God tempers the justice of God.

As when the Son of God was made crucified so did blood and water flow out of his heart as justice and mercy flowed out and poured over the whole world.

And in this tragic scandal we saw that divine love is impossible without forgiveness, much equally impossible without suffering — as it is much impossible without pain.

Purgatory is suffering with, in, and thru love. The state where imperfect souls meet the splendour of Divine justice that helps them get through a process of purging thru fire — of cleansing, so that they may become pure and finally blameless in its stage of completion.

Purgatory is communion of saints. It is the very Church suffering that struggles to be perfect of whose excitement exceeds that of the excitement of souls in Heaven glory.

As Hades is the bossom of Abraham, Purgatory is the very bossom of Christ. That in this point of view, we understand that as when Christ died on the cross and won over sin and death, his mercy had to also reach those who would by then struggle to follow him similar to the way the repentant thief did beside him. Purgatory, therefore, is an extension of God’s mercy.

Saints are for heaven as they go thru purgatory. You must be a saint in order to go thru purgatory. That is, when one dies in the state of grace — so to speak that one is in friendship with God, then one is assured of hope and light.

With the fire of Love that penetrates the very suffering soul, the soul will then start to see the light that awaits him at the end of the process. Pain. Discomfort. Vanishing Stain. All these are what made the very purgatory of mercy.

In purgatory, the soul struggles and savours the pain of punishment that is proper to each sin committed when the suffering person was still alive on earth.

However grave the degree of suffering there may be, all of that is temporal. And so, unlike Heaven and Hell, Purgatory is temporal.

And in this state, pain has to be lessened day by day in order that in its final stage, pain is completely taken away — as for Heaven, pain and suffering no longer exist.

Revelation 21:4

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

This I assure you brothers and sisters that in purgatory you will see and experience love in the most hurting way. But whatever experience that makes it hurting turns it more justifying for God.

Because in purgatory, I see that God’s forgiveness is really impossible without tears. God cries for you but at the same time remains loving you. Purgatory is fire bringing you light in the end. Purgatory is purifying love of Christ.


Nov. 24, 2018