The Holy Eucharist in the Blessed Tabernacle of the Catholic Church

Question: We know in the Old Testament that Tabernacle is sacred and a dwelling place. Can we say that such is still applicable and included in the New Testament?


Yes but we must remember that the way of using the Tabernacle in the New Testament is different from that of the Old Testament, however, its essence of being sacred and as a dwelling place of God still remains (Ex 26). In the Old Testament, it is known as the dwelling place and tent of meeting/ holy of holies upon worshipping God, whereas in the New Testament, it is the holy of holies in a sense that the Tabernacle in a Catholic Church Altar contains the Holy Eucharist where the presence of Christ is truly present (Jn 6, 1 Cor 11, Lk 22). No doubt that Catholics will genuflect, kneel, and pray in front of the Tabernacle due to this reason (Phil 2, Heb 9).

Also, we must note that you cannot find any Bible verse mentioning the “abolition of having Tabernacle under the New Testament” and the logical proof of that is when Christ said that he did not come to abolish the law (including Tabernacle) but fulfill it (Mt 5). Meaning to say that the Tabernacle seen in Catholic Churches is the fulfillment already under the New Testament since the Tabernacle during the time of Moses was the old one and in the past (Heb 9).