Fran D. Villegas2 ·  JUST SAYING: I really wonder why some of us quote St. Thomas Aquinas to argue against the veracity of the proposition “God died” as if Aquinas does not believe in it. They use the “Aquinas Catechism.” As someone whose into Thomism, I feel obligated to look clearly and fairly into the issue. So, I decided to read some pertinent texts so as to ascertain whether Aquinas really believes such. I read Aquinas’ “Summa Theologiæ, Pars Tertia” and “Expositio in Symbolum Apostolorum.” I also consulted some commentaries. And I could not really find any statement that belies the veracity of the proposition “God died.” Rather, Aquinas firmly holds the doctrine of the Incarnation and the dogmatic definition of the Council of Chalcedon: two natures subsisting in One Divine Person that properties of both natures are ultimately ascribed to that One Divine Person – the God Incarnate – but not interchangeably to each nature (id est: It is wrong to say that “Divinity is human.” or “Humanity is divine.” But it is correct to say that “God is man.” or “This man is God.” or “God walked.” or “God suffered.”). Therefore, “God died” is a valid proposition in the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas. God bless everyone.🙏 #JustSaying#ThomisticThought#Thomism#Thomist#UST#GoddiedIssue