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Pagsamba nga ba sa mga diyosdiyosan ang Pagdadasal sa Harap ng mga Rebulto?

by JSB

-1Kings7:13-44 (Ang templo sa Jerusalem ay MARAMING REBULTO kagaya nalang ng CHERUBIM, OXEN, LIONS, PALM TREES, 12 BULLS, at POMEGRANATES) –2Chronicles2:1 (Si Solomon ang nagpasya na gumawa ng templo sa Jerusalem at ang templo ay maraming rebulto) Hindi problema kung pinagawa ba ng Diyos o hindi ang mga rebulto sa templo o sa mga simbahan. […]


by splendor1618

Jonathan Loquez DO CATHOLICS WORSHIP IDOLS/ PRACTICE IDOLATRY? . . Prior to the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ, making of any representation of God is totally PROHIBITED. It’s NOT because God hates religious statues, i.e. God commands images made(cf. Exo. 25:18-22,26:1,31; Num. 21:8-9) He is AGAINST false representation of Him. He is INVINCIBLE and […]

Objections on The Accusations of Idolatry

by JSB

We as Christians are allowed to make statues for the greater glory of God. We may make any statue as long as we don’t worship them. I’ll post here the shortest details 30 Then Moses said to the Israelites, “See, the Lord has chosen Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of […]

Enlightening a Proud Pentecostal Church Member regarding his Misconceptions on Mary and Saints

by admin

This is the 2nd set of a series of refutations against our misinformed brothers and sisters who took the liberty to “educate” us Catholics and show to us their “concern”. In the first refutation (, we showed how Ms. TM erroneously concluded that we Catholics worship the image of Mary and the saints. That lady is […]

Exposing the Errors of Ms. TM a Proud Evangelical Christian

by admin

On the eve of Typhoon Hagupit (Local name: Ruby), ANC posted on Facebook a news showing Tacloban residents marching in a procession with an image of the Virgin Mary. Post by ANC 24/7. As expected, several anti-Catholics feasted on the news and took the opportunity to show their “concern” for these Catholic faithful. One of […]

Daily Apologetics 101, “ICONS and IDOLS” by John D. Salvator

by Mar Domingo

Question: Why Catholics do ignored the second Commandment about making graven images, bowing down to them and serving them but also rearrange the Biblical order of the Ten Commandments? Answer: Catholic Church never ignored the second Commandment; it was just simplified just for better understanding and better representation. In fact what was written in the […]


by splendor1618

LJOR Lord Jesus Our Redeemer Church Member of Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches. LJOR listed here…