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Did the Exodus Happen? – Jimmy Akin

by Mar Domingo

Repost from JimmyAkin.com According to multiple books in the Old Testament, the Israelites came into possession of the land of Canaan after they left slavery in Egypt—an event known as the Exodus. Yet, according to some skeptical scholars today, the Exodus never happened. Instead, the Israelites simply were a group of Canaanites, and they eventually took […]

Medieval Catholic Corruption: Main Cause of Protestant Revolt? – patheos

by Mar Domingo

Repost from patheos What does medieval corruption have to do with the abolition of five of seven sacraments, the move to sola Scriptura as the rule of faith over against an authoritative Church and councils and apostolic succession and episcopacy (and including a papacy as well), or the ending of the sacrifice of the mass, or the move away from […]


by Aloysius Kayiwa

When these “Pastors” are talking about Tithing, why do they always refer to Malachi 3:10? What other scriptures refer to this? Tithing was an Old Testament obligation that was incumbent on the Jews under the Law of Moses. The Old Testament discipline of tithing (along with all other disciplines of the Old Testament) has been […]

The monks England couldn’t break – Catholic Herald

by Mar Domingo

Repost from CATHOLIC HERALD To the Protestant establishment’s fury, exiled Benedictines kept popping up at crucial moments in history A strange sight greeted those assembled at Tyburn one January morning in 1601. The executions of two Catholic priests – Mark Barkworth and the Jesuit, Roger Filcock – and one Catholic lay woman, Anne Line, were set […]

Soldiers attend Mass inside cathedral desecrated by Maute – CBCP

by Mar Domingo

Repost from CBCP News Posted by Roy Lagarde | Oct 2, 2017 | MANILA— A Mass attended by government troops was held at the St. Mary’s Cathedral for the first time on Sunday since the takeover of Marawi City by Islamic State-aligned Maute group. Presided by a military chaplain, the 7am Eucharistic celebration went on as gunfire and explosions were […]


by Aloysius Kayiwa

Have you ever talked or debated with Jehovah’s Witnesses? If you haven’t this should help you. Here is the standard Jehovah’s Witness protocol for anyone they are debating with: 1.Attack the argument. If that fails… 2. Attack the proof. If that fails… 3. Find some way to show that the proof is somehow connected with […]