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If it doesn’t stem its decline, mainline Protestantism has just 23 Easters left – The Washington Post

by Mar Domingo

Report from The Washington Post Christians recently celebrated Easter, a Sunday where many churches are robust and full. But, if current trends continue, mainline Protestantism has about 23 Easters left. The news of mainline Protestantism’s decline is hardly new. Yet the trend lines are showing a trajectory toward zero in both those who attend a mainline […]


by Aloysius Kayiwa

For the sake of brevity, anyone who calls themselves “Christian”, and who are not Catholic, I have grouped all 38,000 different existing denominations as of April 2006, under the title of Protestant in this writing. I realize that many would prefer not to call themselves Protestant, but any Christian who is not Catholic is making […]

The Protestant Church and its Satanic System(EXPOSED)

by Aloysius Kayiwa

These Satanic Protestant Hypocrites have the audacity to open their mouths when their own churches are out of order. Lets spread the message and educate others to “EXPOSE” the filth in these Protestant Churches. God is upset and angered by the protestant outbreak. And Now the hidden filth in these Protestant Churches are coming to […]